Top 10 things to do in Dublin this November

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So, you’re going to Dub Web Fest. Wanna see the sights and have a good story about your Dublin adventure to tell your mates? Take advantage of our amazing collaboration with one of Dublin’s Top Hotels, The Clarence Hotel, or use our Airbnb code to find a place to crash during Dublin Web Festival 2015.

Make a plan to visit theses 10 top sights in the Pale:

1. Guinness Brewery


If you all the chat about web series on the way over on the plane has you eager for a bev, we know just the place. Absorb the city’s atmosphere and quench your thirst in one fell swoop with a visit to the slick Guinness Storehouse. Set your sights on Dublin 8 at somewhere near three in the afternoon. That way when the epic tour is finished, and the clock hits seven in the evening; you’ll capture the sun going down from the viewing tower decorated with festive garlands from November. The scenery of Dublin’s fair city and the majestic mountains are in your eye-line along with a tasty pint of the black stuff. Who could resist?

2. Dublin’s Best kept Sweet Secret


If you visit Dublin, and you shimmy past The Sweet Republic on the River Liffey, your life will never be the same again. This shop is oozing with syrupy, sprinkled goodness. Take a bite out of one of our fav’s here in DWF HQ; The extreme Milkshake that’s got our company colours or the Giant Icecream Cookie Sandwich. Yum-mazing. Go in November or heck go anytime you like.

3. Science Gallery


This spot is nestled at the back of Ireland’s largest University, Trinity College (lead image). If you like to expand your mind, dig a little deeper and ask a few questions about why we’re all here and stuff… this spot should be next on your list. The space has an exhibition called TRAUMA running in November and it a pretty epic one for those tortured artists among us (we are included here). It uncovers why a sudden, violent, stressful and disturbing event we experience, like a physical injury or trauma impacts the human body and mind, creatively, biologically and socially. Cool, eh?

4. Smallest City Pub in Dublin


This tiny, cramped nook on Dublin’s Dawson Street has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2015. It’s a cosy spot for a hot whiskey in November. If you fancy soaking in the atmosphere and having a quiet pint under flattering soft lights, take a peep inside this pub. The clientele is a mix of locals and inquisitive city trippers looking to tick that box. It gets busy during peak times so be prepared to come more up close and personal with more peeps than you might expect.

5. The Irish Rock N’ Roll Museum


The anticipated opening of this Museum was a triumph for Irish culture in 2015. The word on the street is that U2 frontman, Bono wrote a blank cheque to ‘make it happen’. The wealth of home-grown musical talent is astounding, and finally the trad legends and pop heroes of our little island have a space to shine inside these walls. Images and memorabilia from two of the world’s best-selling artists are among the collection. Musical icon Enya, who has sold over 70 million albums, without a single gig is profiled alongside U2. Little-known rock prodigy Rory Gallagher takes pride of place, too.

6. Arguably Dublin’s most famous Mountain Pub


Visited by the likes of Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Prince Charles, and most European Princesses, Presidents and Prime Ministers a visit is customary when on Irish shores. The simple old world charm of Johnny Foxes will suffice, but you won’t be able to resist looking around and taking in the scenery from this mountain top location. Sip an Irish coffee as you admire the traditional Irish sayings, political memorabilia from Irish patriots, an enormous collection of farming tools across the ages and a few more surprises.

7. Artist Francis Bacon’s actual studio


Image via Jane Bown (Guardian News and Media)

The Hugh Lane’s relocation of Francis Bacon’s studio and compilation of a fully comprehensive database of the entire contents of it is unprecedented in museum practice. If you do one thing before or after the festival, this has to be seen people. It has changed the shape and focus of exhibitions of Francis Bacon’s work ever since. It is truly an insight into the process of any artist who becomes totally emerged in his work.

8. Christchurch Cathedral and Vaults

Screenshot (541)

Image via

Christchurch has been a place of worship for over one thousand years, irrespective of denomination, faith or non-faith. The new life of the cathedral has seen undergraduates from the top art and multi-media colleges in Ireland brought to this magnificent Victorian Cathedral to capture the three-dimensional form of the breathtaking underground vaults and crypt. There are regular events by the RTE Irish Chamber Orchestra and other performers due to the phenomenal natural acoustics of the space. We will update this post when their November events are confirmed.

9. Record your moment in Glendalough in the Dublin Mountains


Glendalough is a sight to behold especially at dawn or dusk. Take a day tour there and participate in the ongoing photography project Take a snap of the lower lake in Glendalough by setting your camera onto a plinth set on the water’s edge and be eternally part of the possé who documented how beautiful the sight is from day to night. The upload details are on that plinth. Then, why not take the famous Braveheart driving tour in the rolling hills due north of Dublin city, Follow the signage when exiting the large lake and follow footsteps of Mel Gibson and co. when they filmed the 1995 Hollywood blockbuster.

10. European Film Festival #4


The day after the Dublin Web Festival festivities and Awards party has soothed your creative soul, and you have won, lost or represented with the cream of the crop of international web series creators, we found another cool thing for you to do (if you still have energy). Stay another day or two and visit the SUBTITLES Festival, in nearby Kilkenny. This festival is another relatively new one on the Irish scene and the only Irish festival of film with subtitles. Worth a look from November 23rd.

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