karen healyWith this year’s Dublin Web Festival getting closer and closer, we wanted to check in with some of last year’s winners to get an idea of what they’ve been working on since the festival!

Irish producer and actor Karen Healy (Pondering Media), winner of last year’s Best Comedy Sketches for LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS , spoke to us about what she’s currently working on and how she enjoyed Dublin!

Dublin Web Fest: Hey Karen! Thanks for chatting with us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Karen: I’m Karen Healy, the founder of Pondering Media. We’re a production company who specialise in comedy with a focus on social issues. I’m also an actor, which comes in handy when I’m casting!

DWF: And are you currently working on any projects?

Karen: We are currently in post-production on our second short film, “Tuesday Night”, written and directed by Michael Healy and produced by Richard Wade. It’s a comedy that addresses the media’s senationalised representation of trans people. We had a really amazing cast and crew and have already been approached by a few festivals so we are really excited to show everyone the finished product. It’s at the end of post production and will be ready to start its festival run in June.

Tuesday Night Still 2

DWF: How did you hear about Dublin Web Fest?

Karen: We had made several online comedy sketches and after sharing and promoting them as much as we could, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I started researching web festivals and was surprised to find that there was one based in Dublin. Our marriage equality sketches (“Listen to the Experts”) were selected for screening and we were really shocked and delighted when they won “Best Comedy Sketches.” It meant a lot to have them received so well and in our home town too.

DWF: What did you like about the festival?

Karen: I really enjoyed all the people I met there. From the festival organisers to other filmmakers and actors. There was such a great atmosphere over the weekend as so many people with the same passions were in the same space.
Seeing people laugh and react so well to our silly sketches was also the best feeling in the world.
It’s so important to have festivals that focus on online content and Dublin Web Fest does that better than most.