Award-Winning LSB The Series Crowfunding To Launch Season 3

By June 18, 2016 No Comments

LSB The Series, an Italian web series centring in the lives of young lesbians is about to begin its third season. The series won Best LGTB at the Dublin Web Fest 2015 and at the Rome Web Awards 2015, and it has already a teaser uploaded on its Youtube channel with a preview of things to come.

Directed by Floriana Buonomo and Geraldine Ottier, and starred by Martina Borgia, Martina Carletti, Lidia Cocciolo, Marina Marchione, Roberta “Pasti” Parravano, Denise Sicignano and Samantha Silvestri, LSB The Series is the first lesbian-focused Italian web series.

Authors are currently organising a crowdfunding campaign to fund the show. The project, which aims to “understand the universality of certain dynamics”, shows the difficulties that Italian lesbians face currently but goes beyond letting sexuality be the only defining feature of the characters.

So far, they’ve produced two seasons of 12 episodes, for a total of over four hours of video. Some episodes have surpassed 500.000 views in Youtube while most reach a few dozen thousands. Filmmakers are hopeful that the campaign will help them reach their target amount, as season 3 will represent bigger challenges for a growing team.

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