Connect Ireland partnership

By May 15, 2015 No Comments

We have new partnership to announce – ConnectIreland, who will be also running one of the panel workshops on “Ireland as a film location”.

ConnectIreland is a jobs creation initiative based on the simple idea of using your connections.
If a company decides to locate in Ireland and establishes themselves here, the ‘connector’ is paid a finder’s fee of up to €1,500 per job (max 100 jobs). By reaching out to your network and finding out if you know a person working in an international company that is considering European expansion, you could help create jobs in Ireland.

ConnectIreland delivers the Government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative, in partnership with IDA Ireland.Introduce a suitable company to ConnectIreland, and their team will explain to them the many benefits of locating in Ireland.Connect Ireland was inspired by the Global Irish Economic Forum. Entrepreneur Terry Clune, a member of the Global Irish Network, was taken by the potential of the global Irish Diaspora as a resource of new business opportunities for Ireland.

From that, the concept of ConnectIreland was born – mobilising and incentivising the global Irish to be ‘eyes and ears’ for Ireland in terms of identifying international companies seeking a European base or expanding in Europe.

To date, ConnectIreland has been responsible for 40 new projects establishing operations in Ireland, creating over 1,200 jobs in the coming five years, with the potential for thousands more jobs in the pipeline.