Happy Father’s Day from Dublin Web Fest! We decided to list some of their favourite films on the subject of fatherhood:

  1. Bicycle Thieves  :  Vittorio De Sica’’s 1948 neo-realist classic, set in post-WW2 Italy, has one of the all-time great on screen father/son relationships. When his job as a bill sticker is jeopardised on day 1 after his bicycle is stolen, a man and his son must scour the ruins of Rome in search of their pilfered bike.
  1. Finding Nemo It’s hard to forget that moment of utter panic near the start of Pixar’s animated classic when Marlin first realises his son, Nemo, has gone missing. The fact that all of our main characters are fish does nothing to soften the emotional impact that Andrew Stanton’s masterful film packs.
  1. Logan : Who’d have thought a film about a mutant with claws shooting out of his hands could have so much to say on the theme of fatherhood? The film gets great mileage out of the relationship between Patrick Stewart’s father-figure and wayward son Hugh Jackman. Add to that Hugh Jackman playing the parental role to Dafne Keen and you’ve got a film that manages to balance ultra-violent action scenes with meditations on what it means to be a father.
  2. Taken : After decades as an established drama actor, Liam Neeson surprised everyone with his role as Bryan Mills in Pierre Morel’s action thriller. After his daughter is kidnapped in Paris, Neeson utilises his “particular set of skills” to brutal effect, punching and shooting his way through hordes of faceless goons to get his daughter back. He’s definitely earned a new pair of slippers this Father’s day…
  1. There Will Be Blood : Finally, at the other end of the scale, Daniel Day Lewis’ staggering performance as Daniel Plainview portrays a father who definitely doesn’t deserve to put his feet up on Sunday. A meditation on greed, Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterful film shows a relationship where a man is more concerned with money than family. When offered the choice, Plainview abandons his son, preferring instead the company of his vast oil wealth.