10 Irishman phrases you will hear at Dub Web Fest 2015

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The English may have taught us their language, but we’ve definitely made it our own. So, before you attend this year’s Dub Web Fest, make sure you get acquainted with the following phrases. Be warned there will be times you are a little confused at what “yer man” from Galway is saying.

Here’s our top of the pops:

1. Sure it’ll be Grand!

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Meaning: Probably the best loved and most common Irish saying. It is a safe reply for just about every conversation. Even if the place is somehow flooded, the internet is no longer working, and we have been invaded by sheep. This phrase will make everything seem “grand”.

Possible use: “I’ve lost my job, the house and the car, but sure it’ll be grand.”

2. Look it!

Meaning: This will crop up quite a lot while you try to have a conversation. It is used more of a way of emphasizing a point that you are making. Even if the point seems to not really go anywhere.

Possible use: “Sure look it, at least its not raining.”

3. Feck (it)!

Meaning: A really cute form of the other profanity, with a similar spelling.  It is kind of like saying agh, why? Or I have had enough of this.

Possible use: “Feck it. I’m moving to Spain.”

4. Oh, I will. Yeah.

Meaning: If someone says this to you. They definitely will not be be doing whatever you are asking them to do. Even if you make sure they are not being sarcastic, they will respond exactly the same way.

Possible use: “You want me leave Dublin Web Fest and check out that stupid indie show? Oh. I will. Yeah.”

5. Are you going for a session?

Meaning: Generally, you go back to someone’s house, drink some beer and watch someone play guitar- albeit badly. While trying to remain awake. If you are wondering why it is called session? It’s all about the music (whether you can play, or not!).

Possible use: ‘Coming for the session? Heard someone’s bringing bongos.’

6. Boyo/Some boyo!

Meaning: It is a way of referring to a male friend of yours, that you really like. Typically by those from Cork/Mayo. You will probably find whatever they are saying difficult to understand, anyway. So this phrases might not help you.

Possible use: ‘Boyo, didya see dat series? It was kah-lass. In other words: ‘Hey man, did you see that series. It was great.’ Some boyo means, You’ll do anything. As in, “You are “some boyo”.

6. S/He is a ledge!

Meaning: You know that guy who is just awesome and amazing at everything. Well, “S/He is a ledge.”

Possible use: “You got tickets for the whole of Dublin Web Fest? What a Ledge!.”

7. D’yaknowWatImeanLike?

Meaning: Yes, it is all one word, and yes it is also a question. You will hear this phrase very often. However somehow, the only appropriate answer to this is ‘yes’. Otherwise you will end up being more confused by the person you are talking to. The literal translation is Do you know what I mean… like?.

Possible use: ‘So I was there at Dublin Web Fest and I was talking to someone really cool and she was all like with the hair and stuff, and I thought this iss weird. D’yaknowhwatimeanlike?’

8. The craic.

Brave Heart Freedom - This is gonna be mad craic

Meaning: Having “the craic’ “, is like having fun.

Possible use: This Dublin Web Fest – it seems like it will be the/great craic. You may also say “what’s the craic? Similar to “what is going on?” or “What are you up to?.” Got it?

9. Now, we’re sucking diesel!

Meaning: We know it doesn’t seem like a particular nice thing to do, but this actually means things are going well.

Possible use: “Bejesus the Youtube Panel are up on stage! Now, we’re sucking Diesel!”

10. Sláinte

Meaning: This will probably be the only word you will actually need. It’s kind of Irish for cheers and translates as health. Pronounced slahn ch. Try not to confuse this with Slán, which is another term that means goodbye in Gaeilge.

Possible use: “Sláinte na mbean” meaning “Good health to all women. Pronouced “slahn-cha-nah-bahn.”

Pretty hard or simple as? Tell us your thoughts, and what Irishman-ism you might succumb to? @dubwebfest

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