LOST & FOUND COWBOY web series launches end of July 2020 on TWISTED MIRROR TV, the new streaming platform for short-form online comedy.

Second spin-off to the international award-winning sketch comedy YUKATA COWBOY ® series, LOST & FOUND COWBOY tells the story of a guileless Japanese-American cowboy and a globetrotting dancer Cindy, who continually lose and find each other in countries around the world. Pulled apart by their consuming desires for independence and travel, they both must learn compromise if they want to stay together. Today, people travel routinely across borders, living in countries different from their country of origin – sometimes by choice and other times by necessity. This series aims to deepen cross-cultural communications/interactions and celebrate diversity through comedy.

The four inaugural episodes of LOST & FOUND COWBOY are written and directed by Atsushi Ogata and filmed in Tokyo with American actress Kellie Holway by New York-based film team Urban Mouse LLC, in 6K. LOST & FOUND COWBOY had its UK premiere at London Short Series Fest 2019 and was awarded Best Pilot at Asia Web Awards 2019. Lead actress/choreographer Kellie Holway was awarded Best Rising Star in at Seoul Web Fest 2019. In New Zealand, LOST & FOUND COWBOY was nominated for Best Pilot and Best International Narrative Alumni Award.


Cast & Crew

Atsushi Ogata

Creator (Writer-Director-Actor)

Born in Japan and raised partly in the U.S., Ogata has worked in the U.S., Holland, Germany and Japan as a screenwriter, film director, web series creator, video artist and an actor. Graduate of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ogata’s art videos have screened world-wide. His screenplays received funding in Germany and Holland, and he appeared weekly as a comedian on Dutch TV. His comedy feature “Cast Me If You Can” was released theatrically, screened on airlines and on TV.
In recent years Ogata has expanded into web series with “Trick or Treat: I LOVE America!”, “Yukata Cowboy” and “Mona Lisa Cowboy.” “Yukata Cowboy” (4 seasons, 30 episodes) was awarded in Sicily, Miami, Bilbao, Dublin, Rome, Montreal, Korea and Washington D.C. and ranked #12 in Web Series World Cup 2015. It was theatrically released in Japan and also turned into a 83-page bilingual book “The Unofficial Guide to Yukata Cowboy in Japanese and English”, published by Yugakusha Publishing.

Kellie Holway as "Cindy"

Kellie Holway

Lead Actress & Choreographer

Raise in Massachusetts/SA, Kellie studied tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance from the age of three and made her professional debut dancing with the Worcester Ballet and Salisbury Lyric Opera Company. Graduating Flagler College, Kellie performed at Walt Disney World Florida, Tokyo Disneyland and in the First National Broadway Tour of 42nd Street. Kellie has worked as an actress and narrator in New York, Portland, Singapore and Tokyo. In Japan, Kellie appears regularly on NHK’s English programs and has acted in various films, TV programs, and commercials for NEC, Hitachi, NTT and other companies.