We are thrilled to open our 2019 edition with ‘Whatever After’, an anthology series directed by BAFTA nominated director Jack Jewers.

‘Whatever After’ is series for adults based around modern retellings of myths, legends, and fables. Each episode takes a story you think you know, and transforms it into something new. From an ancient Greek myth turned into a twisted tale about internet dating, to the Ugly Duckling reimagined for a post-Me Too world, ‘Whatever After’ is dark, unexpected, and edgy as hell. Think of it like ‘Black Mirror’ for fairy tales.

See below some of the cast and crew members that you’ll have a chance to meet, BOOK your tickets now.


Cast & Crew

Jack Jewers

Director & Producer

Jack Jewers is the producer, director, and series creator of Whatever After. A BAFTA-Wales nominee, and Royal Television Society award-winner, Jack has over 26 credits as director. In 2014 he co-produced and directed Night School, inspired by the bestselling books by CJ Daugherty. It went on to become one of the most high-profile British web series of all time, winning a host of festival awards. In addition to Whatever After, Jack is currently in development on the feature film Generation Revolution.

Emma Trevayne


Emma Trevayne wrote the third of the Whatever After pilots, “The Rebirth of Flight.” Her first produced screenplay, Rebirth is a hauntingly beautiful fantasy that recasts The Ugly Duckling as a parable for the #MeToo movement. Emma is an established author of middle grade and young adult fiction, whose books include Spindthrift and the Orchid, The House of Months and Years, and Coda.

Damien Thomas

Damien Thomas


There aren’t many people who can include both ‘comedy improv with Orson Welles’ and ‘Hammer Horror star’ on their CV, but Damien Thomas’s extraordinary, 50-year acting career is full of surprises. His film work includes Pirates (Roman Polanski), The Merchant of Venice (Orson Welles), Twins of Evil (John Hough), and more recently Never Let Me Go (Mark Romanek), Kill List (Ben Wheatley), W.E. (Madonna), and The Limehouse Golem (Juan Carlos Medina). His numerous TV credits include starring roles in the original House of Cards and Shogun. Damien’s dual role in Whatever After is the third time he has collaborated with director Jack Jewers, after Shalom Kabul and Night School.

Sophia Eleni

Lead Cast

Sophia Eleni is an actress. Her film work includes the romantic comedy Finding Fatimah, and the shorts Death of the Revolution and The Good Samaritans. In 2016 she was the winner of the BFI Screen Award for best actress, for her role in Tube Etiquette. On television, Sophia has been seen in Mayday (BBC), starring Aiden Gillen and Lesley Manville, and Tyrant (Fox). Sophia has also devised and performed one woman stage shows and narrated two audiobooks. Two out of the three roles she plays in Whatever After are goddesses.

Lewis Chance

Lead Cast

In recent months, Lewis Chance has become a familiar face to audiences in the UK and the US for his appearances in a series of high profile ad campaigns. He, like Grace, is also an alumnus of Night School. Lewis’s stage work includes Stig Of The Dump at the Tabard Theatre. In Whatever After, Lewis co-stars in the episode “Kewpid and Psych-ee” – a gender-flipped version of Cupid and Psyche. His other roles in the series see him portray a 17th century doctor, and a wolf. In addition to his acting work, Lewis runs a theatre company called The Forgotten Moose and hosts the pro-wrestling podcast, Hogan Bloat.

Grace Parry

Lead Cast

Grace Parry is an actress and filmmaker. Her TV credits include Killed By My Debt (BBC) and Mr. Selfridge (ITV). She was among the lead cast of two of the most successful British-made web series of recent years, Night School (playing fan favourite Katie Gilmore) and the historical fantasy, Ren. Grace recently completed shooting her directorial debut short film Outsiders, which she also wrote, produced and stars in. In Whatever After she plays three roles: the Devil’s civil servant; the Goddess charity; and Aderyn – the Ugly Duckling herself.