New and Exciting Additions to Dub Web Fest 2016

By August 8, 2016 No Comments

As November gets closer and with it the 2016’s edition of Dub Web Fest, we are delighted to announce some new guest speakers that will share their expertise in masterclasses and talks related to the film and TV industry. Professionals, students and enthusiasts will benefit not only from attending but the networking opportunities that events featured at Dub Web Fest represent.

Here are the most recent additions to our programme:
Niall Brady, sound designer on “Room” will be present a film study about sound design using the Oscar nominated Irish film.
Ellen Gunning from the Irish Academy of PR will host a workshop about how to write a great EPK (Electronic Press Kit).
Nuno Bernardo, award winning producer, will present an “A to Z” workshop about web series.
Eilish Kent, award winning screenwriter and teacher at Filmbase will conduct a screenwriting workshop.

While we are still polishing the details and bringing more quality activities to the festival, we are glad to keep you updated on Dub Web Fest, one of the most prestigious festivals for Web series and pioneer of its kind.

Dub Web Fest is the First Webseries Festival in Ireland. Established by French Filmmaker and Web Series Creator, Mikael Thiery and Videography Ireland Director, Erol Mustafov, The Dublin Web Fest (DubWebFest) unites digital media and tech worlds. We showcase screenings, host Youtube panels and welcome TV and Film production professionals to Dublin’s Filmbase over the course of three days.
Coming in November and receiving submissions until September 15.
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