New partnership with GLUE VFX

By June 15, 2015 No Comments

GLUE VFX LogoWe are delighted to announce our new partnership with visual effects company – GLUE VFX. Keep an eye for upcoming 3D video projects during the summer and their Masterclass session during the festival in November!

In 2013, Ray founded GLUE, a visual effects company. The vision behind GLUE was to combine techniques and technologies from video games, animation and filmmaking to provide the kind of blockbuster effects usually only available from big studios. They work on all types of project – from films to exhibitions, safety training videos to service/product explainer videos and anything in between. By enhancing videos with 3D animation, GLUE creates a more engaging, immersive experience – although always with an eye on keeping production time and costs down.

GLUE’s client roll call includes The National Lottery, LEGO, The British Council, Eircom, EFSA, BBMV, The Irish Whiskey Museum and Mars. But with more and more companies turning to video, Ray keeps a firm focus on providing quality content.

We create digital content for companies to either explain their product or service. To do this, we often utilise 3D animation to add visually stunning graphics layered on top of existing video footage.


At present we cater for large film, exhibition, corporate, safety training and service / product explainer videos. GLUE brings blockbuster movie effects to these videos to promote excellence and engage audiences


Being a borderless content creation company, we have worked seamlessly with clients from around the world including Ireland, UK and the UAE.


We have completed a number of projects for our clients to date and continue to build relationships with production companies worldwide. The types of industries we have worked with include Oil, Pharmaceutical, Food, Construction, Education and Manufacturing.


Check out some of their work below and more HERE and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.