Exclusive interview with the creators of ‘Osmosis’ series recently picked up by Netflix for full series production!

Interview done by Mikael Thiery (@MikShouting) via Twitter. Participants are the creators @BadTasteBros  and producer Anne Santa Maria (@asm7575).

Hello @BadTasteBros how r u? Osmosis picked by @netflix are u ready for an interview 2.0 ? Your answers should not exceed 140 characters.

Hi @MikShouting sure we are! Let’s do this “mise en abyme” interview 😉

Bonjour @MikeShouting how is it going in amazing #Dublin?

@BadTasteBros could u introduce yourself? Could u also tell us the osmosis genesis pls?

We’re 3 bros and we work together throughout the creative process (screenplay, music, art direction, filmaking, post production…)

We don’t just write and shoot a story, we try to create a complete universe. #neurosis 😉

We’ve created the webseries #Osmosis. We started working on this concept 5 years ago.

The 1st idea was to imagine a world were technologies would think instead of men and choose for us.

And what is more characteristic of our humanity than love? So here it comes the concept of a revolutionary app called #Osmosis

We’ve meet an amazing producer @asm7575 which helped us to make this project come true.

@asm7575 : I am Anne Santa Maria with over 20 years’ experience in scripted format in broadcasting and producing prime time TV films, series and digital content.

5 years ago I created and managed a talent incubator and organised an online video contest on the #bestcliffhangerontheweb challenge : no less than that J.. Out of 44 uploaded videos, I chose Osmosis for the winner for their true potential. Turns out to be not one super talented director winning but three of them ! @BadTasteBros !

After two years of development I could get Arte Creative to commission the show for their first serialised #webseries, the concept of an overall app dictating your life choices was then matching their editorial line up: the data world.


@BadTasteBros science fiction in France is quite niche…What would be your references ? Book? Films? TV series?

Sure and it’s a problem! French creators refrain themselves because few producers will take the risk of making genre in France.

That’s why most of our references are international except from #EternalSunshineOfTheSpotlessMind @MichelGondry

We also <3 #Her @SpikeJonze & all the work @PhilipKDick such as #MinorityReport or #BladeRunner & great directors like @StanleyKubrick @DavidFincher @ParkChanWook

#osmsosis is a #softSciFi series anticipating on how much free will we still use or not use as part of the humankind. Ref : #Blackmirror #Her


#osmosis 2.0 is an online dating website. Have u done some research about soul mates? Online dating websites? Love in the XXI century ?

Of course, and it turns out that almost all of these apps are designed to fail and therefore encourage users to continue using them. #cheat

<3 in the XXI century will be the same. It’s just necessary to pay attention not to withdraw too much human from these new forms of expression under cover of more humanity.

#recommendation is not always the response or your own thruth is it?


After the success of #osmosis within the webfest circuit and now #osmosis being picked by @netflix have u got any other projects ?

What an adventure right?! Thanks to amazing webfests such as @Dubwebfest which awarded us first, we have succeeded in showing that there is a pool of new talents working on short forms.

Now we’re working on another genre series: a new mystery-thriller about our relationship to information in modern societies. We’re also working on a feature film.

@asm7575 Proud to confirm the heavy lifting power of precursor talent incubator I created and managed, encountering today’s trend market !

#Osmosis is given the worldwide powerful visibility it deserves. More than ever my motto I was already pushing for #osmosis : #shortincubateslongform, is finally part of the market landscape when the contents and format connect globally. #thebestisyettocome

Today I am monitoring and piloting creators and production companies’ international online content development, production and sales strategy for TV Broadcasters and OTT platforms. @7emefilms


@BadTasteBros here is the last question… Is #osmosis 2.0 going live soon? #lol #soulmate

It depends on our ability to consider love as a consumer product.

But technically it will be possible to propose us a theoretical soulmate sooner than expected. #matchoffersforthebuyofnewsneakers

#immersivet #technology is changing our lives so maybe also our destinies if will let go….


Thanks a lot @BadTasteBros you rock.

Thanks a lot @MikShouting and thank you very much for all you are doing for emerging talents #shortform #digitaltakeover

Thanks @Mikshouting for organising the fab event @DubWebFest and paying great tribute to the #digitalseries #digitalshortfoms #onlinecontent #creativetalents’ true professionalism, offering light to creative formats, producers and the expanding OTT market: #futureisnow #incubator #scouting #sourcing #innovation #trends.

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