Mikael Thiery


London based creative producer, filmmaker and edgy entrepreneur, Mikael developed creative strategies for short form content. He directed and co-produced the nominated comedy sketches “Ash Airways” among other projects. After his success as web series director and producer he embraced the new form and co-established London Short Series Festival.

Skilled at writing (in English and French) great online content / press releases and engaging headlines, he is confident when it comes to market the festival or other creative projects.

Maria Wheeler

Maria Wheeler

Assistant Producer

Growing up with a flair for acting Maria started out by writing and performing skits for her friends, this resulted in the realisation of two things, firstly that Maria had no friends in her younger years, and secondly that this love for the creative would evidently always be a part of her life.

She was cast in various am dram’s in her younger years and upon joining the University of Brighton she spent less of her time on her actual studies and more with the Brighton University dramatic society (BUDS) which lead to her becoming the President of Brighton TV society and a founding member of the University of Brighton's Media Federation.

Following on from this she has been in the occasional amateur production. However after a moving mishap where there were too many boxes, she realised she had been writing plays her entire life and so applied to NFTS where she is studying Producing and Writing Comedy. In addition to working on her sitcom she is also assisting in the production of some short form comedic standup for Twisted Mirror TV.


Erol Mustafov


Director, Cinematographer and Storyteller, Erol produced nominated short films and web series such as “Joe Drummer”, “Insida” and “Ash Airways”.

After completing his MSc in Multimedia in 2008, Erol worked on commercial projects and co-established Twisted Mirror Films Ltd. in London, where he is a Co-Director. The company now runs the annual London Short Series Festival and Twistedmirror.TV

Badra Hattabi

Badra Hattabi

Sponsorship & Partnership manager

Notting Hill based cultural entrepreneur Badra has always been passionate about cinema. Trained as scientist, the French-Algerian woman challenged her career throughout her life and organised environmental events in Casablanca (Morocco).

Her cinematic passion brought her to host creative workshops for children and teenagers about cinema. Her initiative has been endorsed by the French Institute of Casablanca (Morocco).

Interested by the new media phenomenon, Badra is thrilled to be part of the London Short Series 2020 team as Sponsorship and Partnership manager.


Hasan Hasanov

Graphic Designer

Hasan Hasanov has over five years of graphic and print design experience, having worked in also numerous photography and film projects.

His work has been mainly focused on graphic design for print, film and web. Currently he is based in London, UK as a freelancer.

Blessing Junaid

Blessing Junaid

Video Editor

I first joined the team whilst at University as an intern. Now a freelance video editor, I am excited to be part of the festival again.