Mikael Thiery


Mikael Thiery is an award nominated web series producer and director with his comedy sketches “Ash Airways”. Originally from France, he is based in Dublin for many years.

He is the founder of the Dublin Web Fest, the first Irish celebration of online storytelling. His short film “Joe Drummer” was selected for the Chicago Irish Film Festival in 2011 and for the Dingle Film Festival 2011 (Ireland).

He moved then towards the web series format. He has directed the first comedic sketches titled “Ash Airways” which were selected for the LA Web Fest. During the Dublin Web Fest Mikael has been moderating some masterclasses (evolution of the film industry and Comedy through web series) with comedians, filmmakers and producers.
As he has the entrepreneurial spirit he decided to move forward with the creation of Twisted Mirror Films LTD with Erol Mustafov.

Twisted Mirror Films is an indie production company focused on original concept and creative series. In addition he set up with his business partner the indie VOD (Twisted Mirror TV) and is currently developing the VOD business model strategy.


Erol Mustafov


Director, Cinematographer, Storyteller, Teacher - Erol Mustafov was born in Kubrat, Bulgaria on 24th April, 1978.
Following a move to Dublin, Ireland in 2001, he pursued his passion for filmmaking with roles as a cinematographer in numerous film and commercial projects. These ranged from nominated short films and web series such as “Joe Drummer”, “Insida” and “Ash Airways”.

2008 also saw Erol completing his MSc in Multimedia, awarded by Dublin City University, Ireland.

Since 2009 he has been working on commercial projects, including “Aviva Stadium: a day behind the scenes”, which is being screened now as part of their stadium tours. That year Erol set up his own video business - Videography.ie.

Since then Erol set up another business venture - Twisted Mirror Films Ltd. in London, where he is a Co-Director. The company now runs also the annual London Short Series Festival. Currently we are developing the business strategy of our VoD focused on short form content - TwistedMirror.TV.


Hasan Hasanov

Graphic Designer

Hasan Hasanov has over five years of graphic and print design experience, having worked in also numerous photography and film projects.

His work has been mainly focused on graphic design for print, film and web. Currently he is based in London, UK as a freelancer.