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Web Documentary Zyara Gathers Awards In Europe and Argentina

Mini web serie Zyara, directer by Lebanese cinematographer Muriel Aboulrouss and produced by Denise Jabbour, part of the creative group Home of Cine-Jam, continues to captivate audiences’ hearts across the globe.

The feature, which won Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at Dublin Web Fest 2015, have kept on accumulating prizes. It has been chosen as Best Innovative Technique of Narrative at Bilbao Web Fest 2015, Special Award Creative Media for Positive Change by Mythwork 2015, Marble Award for Best Non-Fiction of 2015 by Web Series Mag, Best Editing by Buenos Aires Web Festival 2016; and Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Dialogues and Best World Creation at Rome Web Merit Awards 2016.

As described by Home of Cine-Jam, “Zyara is a documentary web-series of three to five minute videos, depicting intimate portraits of various individuals sharing their hopes & dreams, stories about love, fears & their most memorable experiences. Zyara promotes oneness by exploring universal human emotions & underlines our uniqueness through its visual expression.”

It’s a web-series of remarkable universality, “addressed to every human being on this planet”, which features stories of real people in a poetic way.

On an interview to Director Muriel Aboulrouss, who is the first female chief cinematographer from the Arab world, published last Thursday on the francophone Lebanese newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour, she explains that she got the idea for Zyara’s in 2014 from a wish of listening to different people and learning about their lives without distinctions of age, background or political views. It’s a project that foucs on people’s dreams, love stories and memorable experiences.

“Through a very particular use of story-telling, the series promote the unity of the women and men who inhabit this Earth”, explains Muriel who considers web-series the “language of the future, because they allow you to create art starting from a single personal idea that maybe is meaningless for others.” She wonders at how with just one click we can connect with each other on a very deep level.

Check out the Home of Cine-Jam YouTuve channel.

Or watch Zyara’s first episode below: