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Web series The Rolling Soldier Gains Recognition in the Festival Scene

By April 22, 2016 No Comments

The Rolling Soldier, a web series created by actor/director/writer John Tague, continues to gain acclaim in the international festival scene. The series, which had three nominations at last year’s Dublin Web Fest (Best Drama/Thriller/Mystery), Best Cinematography and Best Editing) and which won Best Editing at the festival, tells the story of Connor Flynn a CIA Special Ops sniper who wakes up from a 10 year coma to discover that he and his covert special ops team are on the run and hiding after being wrongly accused of selling secret plans to terrorists.

Last year, besides its outstanding performance in the Irish festival, it won Best Drama at the 2015 NYC Web Fest (was also nominated for Best Actor and Best Cinematography). In 2016, it was chosen as part of the Official Selection for the Hollyweb Festival in California, and it was also awarded Best Mystery/Thriller at the 2016 Vancouver Web Fest.

The show became recently available on a portal for curated indie shows and films.

John Tague talked about his motivation to create the series during an interview for, in which he explains that several factors came into play. “I had taken a really long break from acting after my daughter was born. I was in a weird place and felt like I needed a break from acting,”, after that, he decided to get his acting career going again and enrolled in classes, where he found the advice and encouragement he needed.

“While there, my acting coach always stressed how important it is to always be working on your craft and encouraged us students to make short films, web-series etc., and stressed how easy it was with all of the advances in technology, and that there really was no excuse to not do it,” he said.

Finally, his interest in global affairs and Hollywood-style conspiracy thrillers inspired him to get it all together and develop the idea that was working in his mind for a while then.

Check The Rolling Soldier’s official page for more info or to watch the full season.