Dub Web Fest Show #1: Barry Curran

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Barry Curran is the founder of Cracked Act. A film production company that specialises in no-to-low budget filmmaking. We talk about one of the first web series produced in Ireland, Head Shop Men; following the story of a U2 tribuite band opening a Head shop selling illegal drugs in a retail store. We discuss the trails and tribulation of making Head Shop Men, why there is a big gap between episode 3 and 4, the television length of each episode and what is the future of the series.

Barry Curran, founder of Cracked Act, has worked as a professional video editor, editing teacher and camera operations supervisor at The Irish Film Academy, Temple Bar, since 2007. Barry has been involved in the production of countless student short films, as well as writing, directing, editing and acting in film projects. A longtime fanboy, Barry’s first foray into film-making was when he bought a camcorder in 2004 and, along with a friend went on to make a trilogy of no-budget comedy/horror films called Hand Of Doom, which the two wrote, directed and edited. In 2007, Barry’s first student short, When Love & Death Embrace, was nominated for Best Film in the 27th Cork Youth International Film Festival. Also in 2007, Barry shot and edited the winning entry of the Jameson Dublin Film Festival Trailer Competition. Since 2010, Barry has been writing, directing and starring in the comedy/drama series which he created, Head Shop Men. He has recently released four episodes online. He most recently produced a documentary – “The (un)making of Charlie Casanova” – which was released on DVD October 12th.

Head Shop men on YouTube

Production company web site

U3 (fictional U2 Tribute band)

Recorded in Roasted Brown.